10 Reasons Why Your Dog Would Benefit From Obedience Training

  1. A positive training class will help you understand your dog's needs and facilitate the human/canine bonding process and set the relationship up for success.
  2. Teach you to become your dog's pack leader.
  3. Help you to house train your dog and prevent bad habits before they develop.
  4. Provide you with the information you need to understand the difference between typical dog behavior and a problem behavior and what you can do to control it.
  5. Previously owned dogs have frequently developed bad habits or simply have not been taught the proper way to behave. Training will give you the tools to help you teach your new dog to become the perfect pet.
  6. Provide a positive safe environment for socialization with people and other dogs.
  7. You will learn to be consistent in your actions and expectations and your dog will reward you with learning.
  8. You will train your dog so he can be part of the family. They are social animals, not lone wolves.
  9. It's FUN and gives you and your dog time together and provides a positive outlet for your dog's energies.
  10. Who knows you might discover your dog has a hidden talent and would make an exceptional Therapy Dog, Agility Dog, Frisbee Dog or Hiking Buddy.


The Family Pet Obedience School is the first school in Georgia using the Volhard Motivational Method. This method is non-punitive and provides the students with step by step instructions.

Control brings freedom to the trained pet - he can be allowed to run off-leash, because he will come when called; and he can go anywhere pets are allowed, because he is well behaved. That is the essence of a good pet.

Joachim Volhard